Sea Life

The Blue Planet, Oceanic Mystery and Beauty, The Natural World.

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Solstice 2:24

Peaceful simple revolving piano. Soothing and calming. Late evening light reflections playing gently off the ripples on a pond.

James Asher, Rod Pooley
Spring Tides 2:31

Gently soothing female harmony vocal layers. Twinkling piano. Small sea creatures flicker in the light as it breaks the ripples on the surface of the ocean.

Miriam Stockley, Ray Russell
Translucent 2:04

Sparking piano and sweeping strings. An underwater world. The translucent fish and organisms of the ocean dart to fro in a silent ballet.

Ray Russell
Life Giver 3:34

Soaring female voice and orchestra. An ocean full of activity. Grand. The awakening of the massive diversity of ocean life. A vast open expanse.

Miriam Stockley, Ray Russell
Melting Ice 2:50

Icy atmospheric sweeps and jangling melody. Cold and white. Crackling ice as new ice bergs fall away from the mass into the bright blue.

Ray Russell
Ghost Ship 3:26

Dramatic female vocals and bells. A watery grave. Ominous legends. The ominous shape of an unmanned ship looms out of the misty darkness.

Miriam Stockley, Ray Russell
Starfish 0:59

Dancing sea creatures. Ebb and flow. Rippling movement. The flowing motion of the sea moving everything backwards and forwards with it.

Ray Russell
Nautilus 4:46

Softly entwining voices. Slowly moving sea creatures. Magical. Deep in the blue a large wonderful shape moves slowly and peacefully by.

Miriam Stockley, Ray Russell
Secrets Of The Deep 2:25

A secret underwater world. Mysterious voice and chord textures. A magical hidden world and the legends and myths that it conceals.

Ray Russell
Anemone Dance 2:45

Playful interactions. Sweeping, swaying melodies. Slowly flowing. Swaying plants on the coral reef are joined by tiny creatures for a slow motion dance.

Ray Russell
Deep Abyss 3:18

Mysterious beauty. Exploring the unknown. Way down in the deep dark depths where unknown strength and beauty lurk.

Ray Russell
Sea Fans 1:57

Slow plucked harp with swirling voices and pads. Swaying coral. Life in the oceans twists and turns in a beautiful dreamy tableau.

Ray Russell
Reflecting Light 1:59

Varied swelling tonal textures. A magical other worldly sound scape. Rays of light reflect off shoals of silvery fish and the ripples of the surface.

Ray Russell
Secret Cove 1:49

Carefree melody with a flavor of the sea. Lightly jaunty violin. Tales of the life of a salty dog and the secret voyages he has travelled.

Ray Russell
The Big Blue 2:27

Layered female voices in deep echo. Big chord swells join after later. The soundless world of a free diver exploring underwater caves and blue holes.

Miriam Stockley, Ray Russell
Man Of War 3:02

Dark threatening whispers, choral mid, building to finish. The looming menace of a large approaching warship, monster or phantom.

Miriam Stockley, Ray Russell
Ice Floes 3:55

Jangling synth swells and haunting atmospheric flute.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Shoals Of Light 3:23

Lightly dancing blooms and textures. Bursts of life.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Arctic Wind 4:34

Spirits in the air. Chilly wilderness. Enigmatic.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Blue Skies 2:17

Attractive floating theme. Bright.

Paolo Maddaloni
Watercolour 1:00

Simple attractive melody.

Paolo Maddaloni
Calm Before The Storm 3:21

Impending menace. Suspense. Melancholy.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Calm Before The Storm - more threat 1:05

Imminent threat. With strings and percussion.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Calm Before The Storm - more tension 0:50

Danger at hand. Tension. With string stabs.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Calm Before The Storm - solo version 3:14

Impending menace. Solo instrument.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Aqua 2:08

Floating texture. Thoughtful. Nostalgic.

Jeff Woodall, Jonathan Atkinson
Oceans 2:44

Calming chill out. Romantic. Moody. Waves.

Hector Villaraus
Bioactivity 2:20

Nature. Seaworld. Futuristic. Science.

Hector Villaraus
No Planet 2:35

Ethereal. Futuristic. Floating seaworld. Mysterious.

Hector Villaraus
Transparency 3:49

Optimistic, bright melody.

Luke Seall
Pools Of Light 2:08

Mysterious, sparse and atmospheric

Andrew McCormack
Partial Resolve 2:27

Gently flowing. Tumbling, wave like

Andrew McCormack
Undertow 2:28

Fast flowing acoustics with guitar swells.

Ray Russell
Dawn Of Discovery 6:27

Space voyage adventure. Epic. Triumphant ending.

David C. Hëwitt
Ships 3:38

Serene and majestic. Bold and fulfilling. Filmic.

David C. Hëwitt
Mission 2:26

Sweeping landscape. Widescreen spiritual chorale.

Ray Russell
On The Move 3:55

Uplifting, gently rolling acoustics with piano motives. Fretless bass, acoustic guitar, piano, percussion.

Mo Foster