Rolling News

Music for News Items, Special Reports, Investigative Journalisim. 

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
The Enemy Within 1:47

Dramatic pulse. Tension.

Ray Russell
Breaking News 1:58

Accented percussive loop and string bed.

Ray Russell
In The Public Interest 1:53

Floating acoustic guitar loop and atmospherics.

Ray Russell
Identity 1:46

Atmospheric suspense. Middle Eastern.

Ray Russell
No Fly Zone 2:12

Heavy dramatic atmosphere. Throbbing pulse.

George Baldwin
Desert Myth 2:32

Repetitive rhythms with mysterious textures.

Hutch Demouilpied
Whistle Blower 2:11

Fast and intense guitar sequence. Apprehensive.

Ray Russell
Networking 2:10

Uptempo tuned percussion. Questioning.

Hutch Demouilpied
Exclusion Zone 2:43

Atmospheric suspense. Threatening. Danger.

Ray Russell
Pain And Joy 2:27

Shimmering atmosphere. Unsure, unsettled.

Ray Russell
Strength In Numbers 2:18

Ambient tension. Distant threat.

Ray Russell
Desolation 2:41

Deserted cities. Wastelands.

Ray Russell
Slow Dissolve 2:37

Strange twisting panorama.

Hutch Demouilpied
21 Grams 1:46

Rolling textures and guitar harmonics. Thoughtful.

Ray Russell