Retro Pop

Vinyl always Smells so good! 

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Here She Comes Again 3:19

Bright jangling guitar sixties pop. Upbeat and easy. A boy is happy to see his girl walking down the street towards him - but hold on, is she with some other guy? 126bpm

Brian Bennett, James Collins
All Or Nothing 2:39

Energetic driving sixties pop rock. Dynamic energy. An adventure as a group of teenagers set off in search of some kicks and confrontation along the way. 126bpm

Mo Foster
Beyond The Stars 2:33

Distinctive sixties distorted keyboard instrumental. Spacey. Heroically leading an epic exploration into the great unknown. 141bpm

Clem Cattini, Ray Russell
Ready Right Now 2:40

Fast moving harmonica fronted sixties beat combo. Bluesy countdown. Travelling with speed, determined to arrive in time to beat a deadline. 200bpm

Dave Richmond
Coming Back For More 2:09

Cheerful fun sixties pop ditty. Call and answer sections. A bright sunny day in the park laughing and playing games with the kids. 142bpm

Graham Preskett
Back Yard Rumble 3:37

Pounding drum and gritty guitar and organ sixties instrumental. Excitement is building in anticipation of the big moment to come.

Brian Bennett, James Collins
One Night With You 2:31

Happy go lucky light hearted sixties pop. Bright and breezy. Young free and single, and head over heels in love with someone wonderful.

Ray Russell
Get What You Want 2:54

Gritty sixties guitar pop rock. Dirty driving groove. Saturday night hanging out at the back of a dark, dank club with attitude.

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Baby I Don't Care 2:14

Bluesy sixties guitar and harmonica groove. She's left and gone - but who cares it's time to get on with having a good time.

Mo Foster
If You Were Mine 2:22

Atmospheric sixties ringing guitar pop. Moody and mysterious. Lonely and mournful regret reminiscing about a long lost love.

Graham Preskett
Run Right Back To You 3:18

Insistent driving sixties pop rock. Edgy guitar and organ. So much to do, so little time, so you've got to keep on moving on.

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Don't Say No 2:12

Catchy sixties guitar track. Upbeat boy meets girl pop. High school anticipation of will she, won't she go out with me scenario.

Mo Foster
A Summer Love 2:44

Gentle melodic sixties pop ballad with strings. Slow dancing. A romance blossoms within the idyllic setting of a sunny summer holiday.

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Guitar Man 2:25

Sixties pop featuring twangy guitar with echo. Atmospheric rock'n roll. Lurking in the shadows feeling the nervous thrill of anticipation.

Clem Cattini, Ray Russell
A Losing Game 2:32

Bluesy sixties guitar and organ mood that gradually builds. Down on luck but determined to pick up the pieces despite all that life has thrown at him.

Mo Foster
Breakaway 2:38

Stomping drums driving a rousing sixties crowd pleaser. Catch me if you can, playful run and chase sequence around the streets of London.

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Don't Believe A Word 2:32

A slice of jangling sixties guitar pop from Liverpool. Kicking back having a great time with thoughts of  Monday morning a mile away.

Mo Foster
Going Home 2:05

Cool late night sixties electric piano led groove. On the move. Lights flashing across the windshield as you push on to the end of the long journey home.

Mo Foster
She's My Girl 3:36

Bouncy guitars and electric organ. Sixties teenagers in love. Full of the joy of being young, free and in love with the girl of your dreams.

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Get It Right This Time 1:55

Light and playful sixties pop. Harmonica melody and organ solo. Cheerily strolling through the home patch, confidently greeting all and sundry.

Dave Richmond
Follow That Girl 3:14

Summery laidback, country tinged sixties pop melody. Cheekily following a pretty young girl down the street hoping that you will catch her eye.

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Download Blues 3:29

Blues song detailing the frustrations of current technology. Humorous.

Bob Saker, Brian Dee
Red Onions 2:01

Ripping Hammond organ led groove. Soloing guitar licks in second half.

Mo Foster
Sugar Foot 2:26

Down home country twang.

Steve Donnelly
Trutone 2:12

Gentle barroom blues.

Mo Foster, Ralph Salmins
Long Wave 2:26

Ambient 50s surf rock.

Steve Donnelly
Monochrome 2:23

Dramatic 50s style rock.

Steve Donnelly
Two Hearts 2:29

Love song. 60s pop.

Steve Donnelly
Living Legend 2:32

Rock'n Roll. Jive.

Steve Donnelly
Zephyr 2:00

Slinky  rock'n roll.

Mo Foster, Ralph Salmins, Ray Russell
Double Whammy 2:36

Skiffle. Twang and echo.

Steve Donnelly
Op Art 2:50

Bright and breezy pop. Phased drum fills.

Ralph Salmins
Klook's Kleek 3:18

Spacey, dreamy. Tom tom rhythm. Trippy.

Ray Russell
Tie Dye Conspiracy 1:42

Anthemic. Theatrical. Organ pop.

Jim Watson
Back To Bach 3:24

Classically inspired organ pop.

Jim Watson