Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
All I'll Ever Need 4:03

A sweet and tender romantic love song with female vocal. Heartfelt lyrics, sweeping strings and emotional builds. The wonderful feeling of finding true love. 75bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
When We Were Young 3:29

Light, mid-tempo nostalgic recollections with female vocal. Positive melodies and gentle instrumentation compliment the memories of a carefree time gone by. 80bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
Feels Like Night 3:48

Mid-Tempo light rock with optimistic male vocal at odds with the sadness of a relationship break up. Sweet melodies and harmonies resonate hoping for the chance of reconciliation. 81bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
Footprints in the Sand 3:24

Laid back, free and easy positive love song with piano and male vocal opening, gently builds and develops. A proud declaration of love and commitment to one another. 74bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
Until The End Of Time 3:33

Upbeat, guitar led feel-good romantic love theme with male vocal. Light country rock feel. A celebration of a shared lifetime and the special love for each other. 106bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
Dream Of You 3:31

Simple, warm, engaging love song with male vocal gently builds, declaring profound and undying love for a sweetheart. Apart from the one you love and missing them so badly. 84bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
Wings Of An Open Heart 3:13

Bright and uplifting easy pop with female vocal. Inspirational themes and carefree optimism encourage self belief, achievement and strength. Your true love wants you to believe in yourself as much as they do. 89bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
Here She Comes Again 3:19

Bright jangling guitar sixties pop. Upbeat and easy. A boy is happy to see his girl walking down the street towards him - but hold on, is she with some other guy? 126bpm

Brian Bennett, James Collins