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Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Caribbean Summer 2:51

Gradually building strummed acoustic guitar track ending with added steel drums. Freewheeling out of town with no grand plan other than to hit the beach. 95bpm

Mo Foster
The Next Best Thing To Happy 3:41

A perky mid tempo country song with a twist. With female vocal. A philosophical tale of being contentedly married and having everything a girl could want - except the love of her love. 86bpm

David Mindel
A Woman's Work 3:38

A spirited country song about marriage with a sassy female vocal. An exasperated woman's view of her endless daily chores and the patronising attitude of her husband. 126bpm

David Mindel
Here She Comes Again 3:19

Bright jangling guitar sixties pop. Upbeat and easy. A boy is happy to see his girl walking down the street towards him - but hold on, is she with some other guy? 126bpm

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Guitar Man 2:25

Sixties pop featuring twangy guitar with echo. Atmospheric rock'n roll. Lurking in the shadows feeling the nervous thrill of anticipation.

Clem Cattini, Ray Russell
Outside Looking In 2:35

Relaxed melodic rock. Pretty flowing guitar and bass lines. Chilling out living the Californian rock and roll life style. Tanned toned and tattooed.

Jay Stapley, Steve Pearce
Breaking All The Rules 2:37

Uplifting ringing guitar track. Pop rock anthem. Encouragement to join the boys for a 'right of passage' journey of fun and discovery.

Jay Stapley, Steve Pearce
Salsa In The City 2:24

Bright and upbeat Latin salsa swing. Out on the town, window shopping. A group of high flyer girls get together for a day sharing the gossip and indulging in a bit of a shop till you drop.

Alex Wilson, Dave Pattman
Always And Always 2:03

Fast moving syncopated Latin piano rhythm. Sexy dance moves. Couples strut their stuff in a dance face off. The pianist with a tash, a fat cigar and a fedora leads the band.

Alex Wilson, Dave Pattman
Fiesta 2:36

A good time holiday track. In the car singing along, the wind in your hair. Working out at the gym in a step class or on the power walker. Party time with some cool, coloured cocktails.

Alex Wilson, Dave Pattman
On The Run 1:09

Fast moving country blues. Lighthearted chase theme featuring dobro and violin.

Ray Russell
A Travelling Man 2:17

Gentle strummed acoustic guitar, slide dobro and mournful harmonica. Thoughtful.

Ray Russell
Man Flu Blues 2:03

Harmonica led slow blues with stops. Laid back rhythm section.

Mo Foster
Where There's A Will 1:37

Complex web of colours. Secretive, sneaky and playful. Cryptic.

Simon Benson
What Lies Beneath 2:15

Playfully dramatic. Skeletons in the closet. Clandestine. Stealthy.

Simon Benson
Behind The Curtains 2:47

Ambient trip hop. Sneaky bass and atmospheric piano. Private eye theme.

Simon Benson
Let's Make Some Noise 3:20

Energetic driving dance track. Hands in the air rave. Loud and intense.

James Asher, Rod Pooley
House Rules 2:47

Up beat house anthem. Sweeping synths and bright melody.

James Asher, Rod Pooley
Fuzzy Logic 3:11

Easy going synth melody with piano rundown breaks. Bright and happy.

James Asher
Gitane 2:22

Slinky club vibe. Cool and confident. Picked acoustic guitar.

Martin Taylor
Nicole 2:24

Bright, flighty and fun. Whimsical. Carefree acoustic guitar melody.

Martin Taylor
Chasing Tails 1:43

High speed acoustic guitar romp. Skittish, amusing and fun.

Martin Taylor
Brand New Day 2:31

Playful, warm acoustic guitars. Carefree.

Ray Russell
Fresh Start 2:35

Active and energetic. Sowing the seeds of optimism.

Ray Russell
Blue Sky Thinking 3:15

Flowing, confident, light string vamp with piano statements. 

George Baldwin
Pool Party 2:31

Groovy sixties party. Fun and happening.

Geoff Gascoyne
Butterfly Effect 3:03

Quirky hip hop, with operatic voice.

George Baldwin
Deja Vibe 3:14

Edgy piano led Cuban vibe.

George Baldwin
Bin Wars 1:00

Dustbins and metal. Revolving rhythm.

Paul Clarvis
Lazy Sunday 2:25

Chilled relaxing theme. Content. Meditation.

Andy Pask
Pull The Trigger 2:26

Energetic. Brass riff with breakdowns.

Graeme Flowers
Pressured 2:08

Brass licks. Chilled track.

Graeme Flowers
Bridget's Villa 2:01

Cool samba. 60's movies.

Paolo Maddaloni
Village Green 1:49

Stately English matters.

Paolo Maddaloni
Pie In The Sky 4:01

Trance track. Positive melody. Sports trailer. Two halves.

Icecream 2:59

Drum n bass with middle eastern flavour. Breakdowns.

Bliss 1:50

Ethereal voices and rhythm.

Ray Russell
Money 2:50

Song about money - and not having it.

Jane Best
Smooth Blend 1:50

Slinky shuffle. A European mixture.

Lester Salmins
Style By Design 3:35

Cool, contemporary, spacial.

Brian Dee
First Steps 3:02

Focused energy. Free flowing.

Brian Dee
Fresco 3:01

Light hearted with sense of achievement. Bright.

Brian Dee
Change Gonna Come 3:02

Hi tempo. Insistent busy groove. Brass licks. 

George Baldwin, Ray Russell
House Call 2:17

Busy clavinet riff and brass lines. Driving.

George Baldwin
Make Over 1:58

Fast moving. Drum breaks. Activity.

Mo Foster
Do It Yourself 3:17

Loping. Music to work to. Fun.

George Baldwin
Team Work 3:32

Organized. Positive. Achieving.

George Baldwin
Fine Design 2:50

Reflective. Architectural. Trumpet line.

George Baldwin
Rosewood 2:23

Pretty melodic pop. With a twang.

Steve Donnelly
Double Whammy 2:36

Skiffle. Twang and echo.

Steve Donnelly