Scary tracks and horror filled landscapes.

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Deep Abyss 3:18

Mysterious beauty. Exploring the unknown. Way down in the deep dark depths where unknown strength and beauty lurk.

Ray Russell
Fear Itself V2 1:29

Scary horror atmosphere. Spooky tension. Spine chilling. With stabs.

Ray Russell
Out Of Time 2:27

Repetitive treated piano. Unnerving.

Jonathan Atkinson
A Knock At The Door 1:32

Spacial percussion. Sound design. Suspension. 

George Baldwin
Lost Souls 3:12

Ghost ship. Growing threat. Into strangescape.

Christopher White
Not One Of Us 2:11

Haunting. Pulsing ambience. Scary.

Christopher White
Creep 2:16

Brooding mystery. Gothic.

Andrew McCormack
Confluence 0:52

Dark. Tense. Distorted. Meandering.

Chris Wells
Calm Before The Storm 3:21

Impending menace. Suspense. Melancholy.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Aftermath 4:01

Haunting. Uneasy calm. Lonely.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Abduction 2:10

Urgent. Percussive with sinister undercurrents.

Ray Russell
Cloud Forest 2:37

Spacial. Open. Shifting.

Greg Knowles, Mo Foster
Life Force 1:21

Rhythmic pulse, electronic sounds. Spacey, desolate landscape

Rik Walton
Behind You 3:11

Spooky, ethereal atmosphere

Rik Walton
Running Scared 2:48

Insistent, demonic piano strings. Threatening

Andrew McCormack
No Way Out 1:46

Developing action. Plots and plans. Tension.

George Baldwin
Sleepy Hollow 2:06

Mystery and magic

Ray Russell
Sleepy Hollow Atmospheric 1:17

"Less is more" version

Ray Russell