Food glorious food

Music is the food of life.

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Here She Comes Again 3:19

Bright jangling guitar sixties pop. Upbeat and easy. A boy is happy to see his girl walking down the street towards him - but hold on, is she with some other guy? 126bpm

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Coming Back For More 2:09

Cheerful fun sixties pop ditty. Call and answer sections. A bright sunny day in the park laughing and playing games with the kids. 142bpm

Graham Preskett
Soon V3 2:55

A guy pleads for his girl to name the day rather than putting him off with a promise of soon. Tongue in cheek song pleading for a marriage date. Playful cool version.

Bob Saker, Brian Dee
Red Onions 2:01

Ripping Hammond organ led groove. Soloing guitar licks in second half.

Mo Foster
Crawfish Roll 2:00

Southern rolling piano blues. New Orleans barrelhouse.

Ray Russell
Gitane 2:22

Slinky club vibe. Cool and confident. Picked acoustic guitar.

Martin Taylor
Nicole 2:24

Bright, flighty and fun. Whimsical. Carefree acoustic guitar melody.

Martin Taylor
Motivation 2:15

Driving drums and piano. Inspiring. Determined.

Jeff Woodall
Make It Happen 2:14

Up tempo piano and guitar. Fun. Joyful.

Jeff Woodall
Swing Is The Thing 2:25

Bright and breezy swing. Jazzy lounge.

Geoff Gascoyne
Riviera Romp 2:32

Sixties girl singers. South of France chic.

Geoff Gascoyne
Mr Lucky 2:28

Confident swagger. Lounge playboy. Humorous.

Geoff Gascoyne
Sweet Water 3:48

Funky soul groove, with vocal sample.

George Baldwin
Crossbreed 4:02

Ambient drums and sampled brass lines. Crossover.

George Baldwin
Batida De Coco 1:48

Smooth bossa nova with electric piano and bass.

Chris Wells
The Small Hours 2:01

Smokey late night atmosphere. Sax groove.

Christopher White, Wayne Nunes
Gravy Train 2:02

Slinky, hip jazz club. Retro vibe. Cool. 

Christopher White, Wayne Nunes
Gravy Train 30 0:30

Slinky, hip jazz club. Retro vibe. Cool. 

Christopher White, Wayne Nunes
Souled Up Grooved Out 1:29

High energy brass funk. 70s hard soul.

Andy Pask
Lazy Sunday 2:25

Chilled relaxing theme. Content. Meditation.

Andy Pask
Si Senor 1:14

Vibrant Latin groove. Good time. Quiz show.

Andy Pask
Pressured 2:08

Brass licks. Chilled track.

Graeme Flowers
Hot Cakes 1:27

Up tempo blues rag. 

Paolo Maddaloni
The Holly And The Ivy 3:04

Peaceful and relaxed. Feet up.

Albert Mayer
Fresco 3:01

Light hearted with sense of achievement. Bright.

Brian Dee
Stratagem 2:59

The future's bright.      

Brian Dee
Anything You Say 3:10

Music to make decisions by. Playful.

Brian Dee
Dinner For Two 3:28

Intimate. Warm. Relaxed.

Brian Dee
House Call 2:17

Busy clavinet riff and brass lines. Driving.

George Baldwin
Work It Out 2:33

Spacey wah wah guitar. Easy work out.

George Baldwin, Ralph Salmins, Ray Russell
Do It Yourself 3:17

Loping. Music to work to. Fun.

George Baldwin
Team Work 3:32

Organized. Positive. Achieving.

George Baldwin
Fresh 2:45

Bright, bouncy groove. Developing underscore.

George Baldwin
In The Mix 2:43

Playful bass and organ. Brass swells.

George Baldwin
Living Legend 2:32

Rock'n Roll. Jive.

Steve Donnelly
Zephyr 2:00

Slinky  rock'n roll.

Mo Foster, Ralph Salmins, Ray Russell
Mess Around 2:13

Rock at the hop.

Ray Russell
Op Art 2:50

Bright and breezy pop. Phased drum fills.

Ralph Salmins
Home Cooked 2:28

Contented. Laid back strumming and picking.

Steve Donnelly
On The Up 2:30

Energetic boogie piano

Ray Russell
When Day Is Done 2:40

Light, relaxed, sassy

Ray Russell
Beach Party 2:40

Fun and dancing, latin style

Greg Knowles, Mo Foster
Luxury Living 3:06

Smooth 60s apartment. Sneaky

Ray Russell
Music For Pleasure 2:37

Cool, easy listening

Ray Russell
Redsnapper Fish 4:34

Slinky, understated bossa groove

DJ Applebad
Shopping Spree 2:09

Girl about town

Ray Russell
Rich Flips 1:50

Drum feature, up tempo, energetic

Ralph Salmins
Coolbox 2:32

Optimistic up tempo cool jazz  

Ray Russell