Election Special.

Tracks for an unpredictable time in politics.

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Fresh Start 2:35

Active and energetic. Sowing the seeds of optimism.

Ray Russell
Brainstorming 3:51

Collective energy. Fast, exciting string sequence.

George Baldwin
Brainstorming V2 2:59

Collective energy. Flowing piano underscore version.

George Baldwin
Let The Games Begin 2:37

Fanfare of anticipation into techno pulse supporting an epic orchestral theme.

Paul Lawler
The Extra Mile 3:11

Sunrise over the stadium into a serene story telling theme of determination and achievement.

Arthur Dick, Paul Honey
Born To Win 2:12

Attractive theme supporting the endurance of giving a personal best.

Andy Pask
Breaking News 1:58

Accented percussive loop and string bed.

Ray Russell
Identity 1:46

Atmospheric suspense. Middle Eastern.

Ray Russell
Firewall 2:20

Harmonic fretless bass pulse.

Ray Russell
Whistle Blower 2:11

Fast and intense guitar sequence. Apprehensive.

Ray Russell
After The Fall 2:00

Poignant rhythms, Hope out of adversity.

Hutch Demouilpied
Pull The Trigger 2:26

Energetic. Brass riff with breakdowns.

Graeme Flowers
Thought Process 3:07

Cerebral . Twisted. Undulating. Quietly insistent.

Chris Wells
Betrayal - underscore 2:20

Emptier. Atmospheric. Threatening.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
In The Balance 3:07

Eerie. Questioning. Whispers. Hanging in the air.

Andy Findon, Simon Benson
Money 2:50

Song about money - and not having it.

Jane Best
Money Dub 1:16

Rhythmic mix featuring the word 'money'.

Jane Best
Change Gonna Come 3:02

Hi tempo. Insistent busy groove. Brass licks. 

George Baldwin, Ray Russell
The Question 2:02

Evocative piano with uneasy atmospheres.

Ray Russell
And Counting 2:58

Driving rock workout. End guitar licks.

George Baldwin
Titan Clash 2:56

Heroic, dangerous action. Strong edit points.

Ray Russell
Late Line 2:33

Lazy, funky "night time" theme

Ray Russell