Contemporary Songs

Contemporary Songs to go!

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Don't Let Me Go 4:18

Lush and expansive, sentimental ballad with male vocal complemented by lyrical orchestral undertones and emotive crescendos. Words alone are not enough to express the love and devotion he has for his loved one. 105bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
Song For Marilyn 2:54

Soft and delicate ballad with sensitive harp, stirring strings and male vocal depicting a sense of yearning and isolation as thoughts of a distant or past love come to mind. 112bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
Crazy Over You 3:32

A steady, building ballad with a simple melody and sincere male vocal. Wearing his heart on his sleeve he proclaims his love and affection for the women in his life. 67bpm

Eugenio Grandi, Simon Benson
And How She Moves 2:28

Driving Latin groove with an enthusiastic rap about a girl's dance moves. The DJ raps his encouragement for the beautiful girl on the dance floor as she makes the sexiest moves in the house.

Alex Wilson, Dave Pattman
Download Blues 3:29

Blues song detailing the frustrations of current technology. Humorous.

Bob Saker, Brian Dee
What A Lovely Night 2:49

Quirky. Sexy Latin song. 'Stings' with a message.

Jane Best
Hindered Spirits 3:36

Reflective, strong theme and guitar riffs

George Baldwin
Even 3:33

Fast, confident. Strong chorus

George Baldwin
Game On 4:21

Rock story telling

George Baldwin
I Drive Tired 3:41

Killer guitar riff. Good driving song! 

George Baldwin
Minority Strike 4:47

Strong opening, metal guitar riff. Action! 

George Baldwin
My Faith 4:21

Analogue speed up opening, into heavy riff. Strong

George Baldwin
Steal Back Our Waves 4:03

Heavy guitar into expressive song lyrics 

George Baldwin
Tapping In 3:49

Big, confident. Lyrics with a question

George Baldwin
The Orient 4:37

Medium groove. Atmospheric verses into rock choruses 

George Baldwin
Storm Party 4:59

Wild, funky, rap. Brass statements.

Ray Russell