Because I'm Happy

Tracks for the good times.

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
The Next Best Thing To Happy 3:41

A perky mid tempo country song with a twist. With female vocal. A philosophical tale of being contentedly married and having everything a girl could want - except the love of her love. 86bpm

David Mindel
A Great Life 3:44

Driving upbeat country rock song full of joy and positivity. Male vocal. Extolling the virtues of living the dream in the good ol' USA. A beautiful wife and a great job in a rocking band. 164bpm

David Mindel
Don't Get Much Better Than This 3:21

Happy fun country song with a male vocal singing about his new girl. A guy can't believe his luck in getting a date with a girl who is too good to be true from a man's point of view! 142bpm

David Mindel
Here She Comes Again 3:19

Bright jangling guitar sixties pop. Upbeat and easy. A boy is happy to see his girl walking down the street towards him - but hold on, is she with some other guy? 126bpm

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Coming Back For More 2:09

Cheerful fun sixties pop ditty. Call and answer sections. A bright sunny day in the park laughing and playing games with the kids. 142bpm

Graham Preskett
A Summer Love sting 0:07

Gentle melodic sixties pop ballad with strings. Slow dancing. A romance blossoms within the idyllic setting of a sunny summer holiday.

Brian Bennett, James Collins
Four By Four 2:52

Feelgood bluesy guitar shuffle. Rock and roll boogie. Driving your rig down the highway with some good time rock and roll on the radio.

Jay Stapley, Steve Pearce
Breaking All The Rules 2:37

Uplifting ringing guitar track. Pop rock anthem. Encouragement to join the boys for a 'right of passage' journey of fun and discovery.

Jay Stapley, Steve Pearce
Run For The Hills 30 0:29

Jubilant high energy rock guitars with a hint of Scottish melody. Running free over wide stretching expanses of heather covered hills and dales.

Jay Stapley, Steve Pearce