MUM is 100

Congratulations! Our MUM is now a centenarian.  

We have reached our 100th Album. We think the queen sent us this lovely telegram to celebrate.

We have two new albums for you. MUM 199 and MUM 200. You can listen to these now on our music page.

MUM199 Upbeat Acoustic.

 Acoustic guitars, ukuleles and mandolins in a positive frame of mind. Excellent earworms on another album from the fabulous fingers of Martin Taylor.

Genres : Acoustic, Themes, Feelgood, Easy Listening, Travel, Advertising.

Listen to the album here -

Composers Martin Taylor M.B.E. and Adam Bulley have come up with a great feelgood album that is full of simple, memorable themes played to the world class standard for which Martin is famous. You can read more about Martin here -

and his website -

MUM 200 Profile of A Murderer. 

Modern crime drama music cues. 

Profiling of a crime from inside the perpetrators mind, through the investigation, to the final verdict. In the style of popular Scandi Noir, Docudrama, Psychological Thriller series.

Genres : Crime, Drama, Nordic Noir, Scandi Noir, Mystery, Tension, Suspense, Underscore, Documentary, Forensic Science, Investigation, Factual, Atmosphere.

Listen to the album here -

Composer : Ray Russell. For our 100th album I have written a collection of atmospheric drama cues that reflect the current wave of ‘Nordic Noir’ and

Psychological / Pathological crime series. As you may know I have scored many programs that are of this nature and I think I hold the record of seeing more dead bodies on screen than any other composer!

I really enjoyed making this album and I have worked hard on the compositions and the sounds to make them as original as possible while reflecting my initial inspirations. You can find out more about my history as a

composer and a musician here -  and at my website -

See you all at N.A.B. next April.


Related Albums

Track NumberAlbumTitleLengthDescriptionComposersControls

Cautious, sparse and uncertain piano motif with slow string textures provides an air of unease and hesitance. The suspect goes over the course of events with surreal detachment. 55bpm

Ray Russell
2.Acting Alone02:10

Remote, cold and forbidding atmosphere. Broken guitar strums build and intensify creating a sense of reflection as the perpetrator considers and visualises their next move. 80bpm

Ray Russell
3.A Body In The Woods01:41

Soft, delicate, distant piano at odds with the unsettling eerie textures which build to unnerve. There's something out there waiting to be discovered - a silent witness must be found. 100bpm

Ray Russell
4.Dragging The Lake03:06

Tremolo guitar with pulsating bass provides a growing sense of apprehension and uncertainty. There's an urgent need to find something but a fear of what that might be. 65bpm

Ray Russell
5.Trying To Remember01:26

Cyclic, contemplative piano theme portrays a scene of fuzzy recollections and ill-defined memories. Stark images and hazy flashbacks serve only to confuse the mind. 82bpm

Ray Russell
6.Silent Rooms02:32

Warped, contorted, eerie yet heavenly textures create an uneasy sense of distortion and emotional distraction. Sitting alone and isolated with time to think about recent and future events. 60bpm

Ray Russell

Minimal rhythmic piano motif over a simple drone creates a feeling of light suspense and doubt. A sense of awkward silence as the wait for answers or a verdict continues. 100bpm

Ray Russell
8.False Accusations02:28

Curious, misdirected piano melodies offer an air of mystery and agitation as the lines blur between dark and light, right and wrong. Conflicting information throws the investigation off balance. 60bpm

Ray Russell

Celestial, ambient textures contrast with the portentous, burbling percussion and darker, intriguing soundscape. Day and night merge as the search for answers continues. 95bpm

Ray Russell
10.Free To Fly02:27

Light, carefree open skies with a sense of effortless optimism and graceful contentment. A time to leave the nest and spread your wings with the love and support of your family and friends. 80bpm

Adam Bulley / Martin Taylor
11.The Tide Is Right02:09

Upbeat, jaunty feelgood lilt with a lightweight tropical feel and a happy disposition. Breezing through each day with a smile on your face and friendly wave. 120bpm

Adam Bulley / Martin Taylor
12.Little Bird03:05

Happy-go-lucky good times and past times with an air of fond reflection. A real sense of friendship and warmth - bosom buddies always there to lend a helping hand and offer a kind word. 130bpm

Adam Bulley / Martin Taylor
13.Where My Heart Lies02:38

Soft, sentimental heartfelt melodies evoke a sense of familiar, reassuring surroundings and warm reminiscence. Looking forward to making the homeward journey after a long time away. 120bpm

Adam Bulley / Martin Taylor
14.Alley Cat Creep02:32

Light, bouncy jazz swing guitar with an assured swagger and confident strut. A sense of everything being just so with the world and I'm happy doing my own thing. 160bpm

Adam Bulley / Martin Taylor
15.Plain Sailing01:57

Upbeat, cheery Hawaiian-esque guitar melodies and smooth tropical rhythms sway with the influence of the warm trade winds. Happy days out along the coastline. 120bpm

Adam Bulley / Martin Taylor
16.Pretty Simple04:07

A solitary Ukulele picks a simple melody and gives a sense of thoughtful reflection full with fond memories and anecdotal recollections. Take a seat and enjoy a moment watching the world go by. 130bpm

Adam Bulley / Martin Taylor