David Mindel Composes the British song for Eurovision.

Please support Elecrovelvet singing Still in Love with You at the Eurovision song contest on Saturday night.

Still in Love With you was composed by David Mindel and Adrian-Bax White. David has a great album of songs from Nashville with us.

He is a songsmith, a great writer!  Vote Electrovelvet you guys.

Related Albums

Track NumberAlbumTitleLengthDescriptionComposersControls
1.The Next Best Thing To Happy03:41

A perky mid tempo country song with a twist. With female vocal. A philosophical tale of being contentedly married and having everything a girl could want - except the love of her love. 86bpm

David Mindel
2.Make The Most Of It03:43

A picking country song with a message to get on with life. Male vocal. Life has its ups and downs but the bottom line is that you get out of it what you put in. 100bpm

David Mindel
3.A Woman's Work03:38

A spirited country song about marriage with a sassy female vocal. An exasperated woman's view of her endless daily chores and the patronising attitude of her husband. 126bpm

David Mindel
4.My Son03:45

Plaintive power ballad about a son who's on the wrong track. Female vocal. The pain of a mother who stands by her son despite discovering his involvement in drugs. 82bpm

David Mindel
5.Staying Home03:56

Lively paean to a good life past and to come with a bright male vocal. A touring country musician is about to hang up his guitar for a comfortable happy future at home. 165bpm

David Mindel
6.She Loves Him02:57

Male vocal song about true love and devotion. Country tearjerker. The tender tale of  a couple who adore each other no matter how different they might be. 82bpm

David Mindel
7.A Great Life03:44

Driving upbeat country rock song full of joy and positivity. Male vocal. Extolling the virtues of living the dream in the good ol' USA. A beautiful wife and a great job in a rocking band. 164bpm

David Mindel
8.Little Children02:58

Easygoing country song with steel guitar and fiddle. Sad male vocal. Loneliness and sorrow thinking about his little girl who lives thousands of miles away. 84bpm

David Mindel
9.Daughter And Mother03:37

Gentle picking country song about modern life. Female vocal. A moral tale with a mother relating bringing up a daughter to her own upbringing by her mother. 81bpm

David Mindel
10.Talk To The Pilot04:01

Country rock song with female lead vocal. Urgent groove. A girl is stuck on a plane desperately wanting to return to the man she regrets having left back home. 116bpm

David Mindel
11.Brothers And Sisters03:36

Serious country ballad expressing concern for the world. Male vocal. Watching the stories on the TV news and feeling sorrow for the suffering of families everywhere. 125bpm

David Mindel
12.As Soon As It Rains03:10

Joyful male vocal with a summery country rock feel. A guy is working away for the summer but is happily looking forward to returning home at the end of the season. 142bpm

David Mindel