Burning Desire

MUM music has been featured on the BBC  - Burning Desire: The seduction of smoking.

Panorama is the flagship programe in the U.K. for investigative journalisim.

Thank you for the great use of our tracks.

Related Albums

Track NumberAlbumTitleLengthDescriptionComposersControls
1.Glass Highway03:37

Revolving guitar rhythms

Ray Russell

Reflective piano. Searching theme. Fast strings at 1.02.

Ray Russell
3.Style By Design03:35

Cool, contemporary, spacial.

Brian Dee
4.Pandemic Highway01:34

Epic ethnic journey. Positive.

Greg Knowles / Mo Foster
5.Where I Want To Be01:35

Fast rolling rhythm. Atmospheric melody.

Paolo Maddaloni
6.Black Top02:00

On the road. Rolling blues traveller.

Paolo Maddaloni
7.The Human Cost01:58

Emotive. Tremolo guitar moving landscape.

Ray Russell
8.After The Fall02:00

Poignant rhythms, Hope out of adversity.

Hutch Demouilpied
9.Blue Lanterns02:27

Still waters run deep. Cello theme with orchestra.

Ray Russell
10.I Am02:17

Hypnotic piano pop track. Introspective. Questioning.

Jeff Woodall
11.360 Degrees03:31

Soaring panoramic sound scape. Sweeping keyboards with intense percussion backdrop.

James Asher
12.Stolen Lives02:35

Repetitive revolving piano theme. Sinister and mysterious.

Ray Russell
13.One Man's Meat02:05

Eerie but gentle with sinister undertones. Watching and waiting. Creepy.

Simon Benson