Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Breakout 1:28

Urgent latin rock with big brass, funky guitar and piano and a percussion break. Heading for the top with a sudden breakout success that everybody is talking about. 121bpm

Graham Preskett
I Know You Feel Love - instrumental 4:37

Easy going mid tempo indie rock guitar groove. A great bed for a piece of investigative journalism or a drive through city streets. 85bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lies - instrumental 4:04

Driving hard edged rock with jagged guitar. Fast moving adrenaline fuelled extreme sport action adventure underscore. 140bpm

Alan D. Boyd
The Last Time - instrumental 3:52

Eighties punk reggae pop rock track. Exploring the city streets at night looking for where the action is going down. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Who's That Calling - instrumental 3:40

Upbeat eighties synth pop with distorted drums and fuzz. Fast and fun. Full of energy and out in search of a good time. 135bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Your Mother Warned You - instrumental 3:16

Fast moving pop rock with driving guitars and electric organ. A high speed ride across town in a race against time. 155bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lighting Strikes - instrumental 3:17

Fun and bright pop with upbeat electric organ. At the funfair running from ride to ride enjoying the flashing lights and loud pop music. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
I Saw it Coming - instrumental 2:31

Drum intro followed by high energy guitar and keyboards. Wound up like a spring, excited and ready to go for it. 165bpm

Alan D. Boyd