Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
A Woman’s Man 1:27

Strutting brass riff over latin percussion and funky electric guitar groove. Sharp suit, cool cut and walking the walk, he knows he looks good and that you do too, baby. 99bpm

Graham Preskett
Not All That 0:59

Latin big band with funky clavinet and soaring synth solo. Retro styling with big bold patterns, flamboyant frills and flares, and audaciously brash buildings. 130bpm

Graham Preskett
All I Want Is You 2:33

Upbeat, feelgood nostalgic R&B with uplifting, positive themes and assured melodies. You can't keep a good man down - simply feeling great and on top of the world. 115bpm

Ray Russell
East Side Stories 2:18

Fast and furious retro jazz number with exciting, blaring horn melodies and stabs. Insistent themes and frantic rhythms. Crime is everywhere for the all action hero - no time to waste. 125bpm

Ray Russell
Au Natural 2:43

Free n easy with bright trumpet melody and lush sweeping strings. Having a great day - feeling good! Getting things together for a fab day out. 142bpm

John Harle
Cuddle Up Close 1:40

Warm, smooth nice and easy Saxophone with romantic strings and vibes depict a cozy sentimental moment. Together on the sofa with a drink and head full of memories. 98bpm

Graham Preskett
Cars And Stars 2:13

Upbeat, snappy Latin groove with jaunty flutes and syncopated piano. A sense of sophisticated travel and going places with the smart set. Open top sports car on the coastal highway. 102bpm

Ian Gardiner
Arm In Arm 2:40

Soft, friendly themes where slurred trombone and chirpy saxophone melodies jockey for position depicting the different personalities of a couple strolling together. 110bpm

John Harle
High Roller 2:08

Cool, slick and sophisticated big band swinger with bright, confident brass melody depicts a scene of casino nightlife and the self assured cardsharp. That's one cool cat! 122bpm

Graham Preskett
Nice And Sleazy 2:21

A glamorous and sultry strut with a chic Latin flava and super sexy saxophone theme. Seductive and swanky as the lady looks a million dollars - and she knows it. 126bpm

Graham Preskett
Easy Come Easy Go 1:11

Happy-go-lucky, upbeat number with a bright and cheery trumpet melody and insistent Latin rhythms. Lighthearted charm keeps the spirits up and helps the day unwind. 168bpm

Graham Preskett
Barista 0:59

Quirky, lighthearted uptempo Cha Cha Cha with a sense of nostalgic whimsy. Just perfect for those impromptu interludes or a break in transmission perhaps. 130bpm

Graham Preskett
Low Rider 1:00

Cool, 50s surf pop guitar lead cruises with attitude and positive swagger. Lush orchestra backing adds a touch of class and sense of the free spirit. Hip young guy playing things cool. 145bpm

Graham Preskett
Cookie Cha 0:58

A strident Cha Cha Cha with an easy, feelgood lilt and positive, bright brass melody. It puts everyone in the right frame of mind for a carefree, fun get-together. 132bpm

Graham Preskett
Busting Out 1:48

Full on, fast and furious action bed with compelling brass motif and urgent contemporary rhythms. There's no time to waste and no stopping the man of mystery. 160bpm

John Harle
Sun Lounge 1:00

Laid back, 50s doo-wop love song full of romance and hopeful expectation for a night at the drive-in or the high school prom. 128bpm

Graham Preskett
Ring My Bell 0:58

Upbeat, camp, fun themes that corkscrew ever tighter as the melodies evolve. A comical and quirky sense of anticipation grows and grows until the textbook 'cuckoo'. 140bpm

Graham Preskett
I Know You Feel Love 4:37

Guitar led pop rock song with atmospheric female vocal. A tender love song from a girl to her lover, together now and forever. 85bpm

Alan D. Boyd
All I Need 3:01

Dreamy eighties style love song with sexy female vocal. Yearning and intimate tribute to love as an experience above all others. 95bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lies 4:04

Driving hard edged eighties pop song with forceful female vocal. Telling it like it is at the end of a one sided relationship. 140bpm

Three Wishes 3:48

Jagged guitars, eighties synths and a brooding female vocal. A girl asking for those three wishes to be used on winning her love. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lovers Cruel 3:19

Eighties feel song with guitars, keyboards and female vocals. The ups and downs of loves lost and found, heartache and salvation. 140bpm

Alan D. Boyd
When I Turn Out The Lights 3:24

Smouldering intimate female vocal over eighties influenced pop backing. Confessing to a secret love whilst alone at night in the dark. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
The Last Time 3:52

Eighties 'punk reggae' pop song with female vocal. A girl challenges her boy about his cheating and calls an end to their relationship. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Who's That Calling 3:40

Distorted guitars, keys and drums with pounding bass and female vocal. Head over heels in love with a boy who just doesn't notice. 135bpm

Alan D. Boyd
We Can Dance 2:38

Fast eighties song with a post punk feel and female vocal. It's all about dancing through the night to loud music and flashing lights. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
The Seasons Closing In 2:34

Pop song with urgent female vocal and a West Coast influence. A claustrophobic feeling in the air and a need to get back to you. 160bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Your Mother Warned You 3:17

Urgent female sung pop song featuring eighties keyboard sounds. A vamp on the loose out to win and break a boy's heart. 155bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lighting Strikes 3:17

Cute love song with female vocal and eighties electric organ. A story of young love as eyes meet across the school yard. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
I Saw it Coming 2:30

Bouncy pop with female vocals, high energy guitar and keyboards. A young challenging her boyfriend to tell her he didn't lie. 165bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Another Step 4:30

Eighties pop with steady chugging guitar and female vocal. Girl meets boy; relationships are complicated; it's not you it's me. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
All I Need - instrumental 3:00

Bubbling laid back guitar rock backing track. A slow and dreamy day, good for kicking off down to hang out with the guys. 95bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lies - instrumental 4:04

Driving hard edged rock with jagged guitar. Fast moving adrenaline fuelled extreme sport action adventure underscore. 140bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Three Wishes - instrumental 3:48

Big drums, guitar and synth eighties pop track. A mixture of surreptitiously slinky, curiously mysterious, and the East! 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lovers Cruel - instrumental 3:20

Happy melodic underscore with great energy. Driving guitar pop to accompany a journey of fun, freedom and adventure. 140bpm

Alan D. Boyd
When I Turn Out The Lights - instrumental 3:23

Pop rock with bass led verses and jangling guitar chorus. Searching, exploring, looking for, but unsure of, the answers. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
The Last Time - instrumental 3:52

Eighties punk reggae pop rock track. Exploring the city streets at night looking for where the action is going down. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Who's That Calling - instrumental 3:40

Upbeat eighties synth pop with distorted drums and fuzz. Fast and fun. Full of energy and out in search of a good time. 135bpm

Alan D. Boyd
We Can Dance - instrumental 2:38

Fast eighties track with an energetic post punk feel. Wild dancing through the night to loud music and flashing lights. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
The Seasons Closing In - instrumental 2:34

Pop rock with strumming guitars and a West Coast influence. Driving down Highway 1 with wind blowing through your hair. 160bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Your Mother Warned You - instrumental 3:16

Fast moving pop rock with driving guitars and electric organ. A high speed ride across town in a race against time. 155bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lighting Strikes - instrumental 3:17

Fun and bright pop with upbeat electric organ. At the funfair running from ride to ride enjoying the flashing lights and loud pop music. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
I Saw it Coming - instrumental 2:31

Drum intro followed by high energy guitar and keyboards. Wound up like a spring, excited and ready to go for it. 165bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Another Step - instrumental 4:28

Classic steady eighties pulsing rhythmic guitar, bass and drums. Calm, cool and confident. Moving forward with positivity. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Here She Comes Again 3:19

Bright jangling guitar sixties pop. Upbeat and easy. A boy is happy to see his girl walking down the street towards him - but hold on, is she with some other guy? 126bpm

Brian Bennett, James Collins
All Or Nothing 2:39

Energetic driving sixties pop rock. Dynamic energy. An adventure as a group of teenagers set off in search of some kicks and confrontation along the way. 126bpm

Mo Foster
Beyond The Stars 2:33

Distinctive sixties distorted keyboard instrumental. Spacey. Heroically leading an epic exploration into the great unknown. 141bpm

Clem Cattini, Ray Russell
Ready Right Now 2:40

Fast moving harmonica fronted sixties beat combo. Bluesy countdown. Travelling with speed, determined to arrive in time to beat a deadline. 200bpm

Dave Richmond
Coming Back For More 2:09

Cheerful fun sixties pop ditty. Call and answer sections. A bright sunny day in the park laughing and playing games with the kids. 142bpm

Graham Preskett
Guitar Man 2:25

Sixties pop featuring twangy guitar with echo. Atmospheric rock'n roll. Lurking in the shadows feeling the nervous thrill of anticipation.

Clem Cattini, Ray Russell