Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Headlines 2:36

Repetitive staccato strings with tympani accents create a slowly evolving news bed. The news network is buzzing with updates coming in thick and fast as the unbelievable turn of events shocks everyone. 125bpm

Ray Russell
Denial 2:06

Questioning themes and simple piano motifs repeat and probe with a sense of suspicion. Analysing the facts and putting the questions in interviews during an investigation. 110bpm

Jonathan Atkinson
Course Of Action 2:14

Driving cinematic drums cloaked in ethereal, mysterious textures provide a sense of determination and resolve. The perpetrator has fled the scene and the chase is on. Live stream. 105bpm

Jeff Woodall
Face The Facts 2:28

Distant, soaring, heavenly guitar-like sustains float over a steady consistent drum groove. A moment to take stock and make decisions in a scene of thoughtful reflection. 160bpm

Jeff Woodall
Damage Limitation 2:12

Percussive patterns intensify and the tension escalates with heavy, low drums creating a sense of apprehension and unease. Reporting from the front line under imminent threat. 96bpm

Jonathan Atkinson
Prophecy 2:15

Strong, accented string rhythms over cryptic, fast bell-like arpeggio phrases suggest a feeling of certainty and anxiety side by side. Things could go either way in this investigation. 100bpm

Jonathan Atkinson
Alternative Facts 2:07

Cyclic synth lines with intermittent deep drones create an atmosphere of caution and light tension. Looking back over the evidence taking the time to analyse and reassess the facts. 193bpm

Jonathan Atkinson
Breaking The Code 2:34

Soft pulsing, ethereal textures with heavy cinematic drums and ticking percussion drive the timeline. Apprehension grows as the deadline approaches. It's make or break. 120bpm

Jeff Woodall
Going Viral 2:05

Mysterious textured bed with ominous overtones and nagging beat that contrive to unease and unsettle. This is a waiting game - patience is required. Background for visuals and graphics. 135bpm

Jeff Woodall
Waiting For News 2:09

Constant, steady groove bed with repeated rhythmic strings emphasizes the tedium and anticipation of a life in stand-by mode. Marking time, waiting for the latest updates to come in. 85bpm

Jonathan Atkinson
Lies Unspoken 2:10

Ambient, sustained textures float above intricate, tapped percussion providing a sense of agitation and concern. There’s more to this than meets the eye. Something’s not right but what? 110bpm

Jeff Woodall
Black Or White 2:10

Dramatic, low piano notes anchor the serous mood while cyclic top piano patterns weave and twist. Asking the questions that matter but the answers may not be as clear cut as anticipated. 127bpm

Jonathan Atkinson
Danger Signs 2:11

Throbbing, marching low drums with sustained brass and diffused strings provide a sense of menace and jeopardy. In a military exclusion zone where the utmost caution must be taken. 94bpm

Jeff Woodall
Memes 2:02

Bright, light motifs shimmer and sparkle in every direction generating a feeling of optimism and reverie. Scrolling through the internet exploring the text and images for ideas and information. 118bpm

Jeff Woodall
Intrigue 2:03

Desolate, distant, fluttering atmosphere with delicate piano drops and fleeting, abstract sonics. Twists and turns in an inquiry produce feelings of mystery and foreboding. A vague neutrality. 100bpm

Jeff Woodall