Easy Listening

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Dreams Do Come True 2:00

Pretty flowing piano melody. A love song. A thank you to a lover for sharing all the good times and making all those perfect moments together. 145bpm

Laurie Holloway
Butterfly 1:22

Playful sparkling piano flourishes. Fluttering in the wind. Butterflies darting from flower to flower resting only briefly in the warm sunshine. 112bpm

Laurie Holloway
Happy Endings 1:30

Positive and optimistic piano. Life is good. At the end of the day with all things considered everything has worked out pretty well. 120bpm

Laurie Holloway
Out To Play 1:22

Bright, slightly reserved pianoforte. Children playing nicely. An afternoon tea in the garden with the youngsters making daisy chains and chasing butterflies. 146bpm

Laurie Holloway
Abiding Memories 2:14

Impassioned and flamboyant piano theme. Dramatic background music to a vintage black and white movie with elegant dress and clipped accents. 127bpm

Laurie Holloway
Chopin And Me 1:31

Delicately played medium paced dance. Gavotte style piano. Classically influenced recital in the drawing room of  Austen era country home. 98bpm

Laurie Holloway
Chopin And Me V2 1:37

Slightly gentler and quieter version of a piano Gavotte. Classically influenced recital in the drawing room of  Austen era country home. 96bpm

Laurie Holloway
Rainbow Morning 3:34

Gentle, beautiful. Wistful guitar.

Mo Foster, Ray Russell
Further Along 2:16

Happy swing/shuffle.

Steve Donnelly
First Touch 2:39

Simple beauty.

Steve Donnelly
Home Cooked 2:28

Contented. Laid back strumming and picking.

Steve Donnelly
Do It Again 3:42

Cheeky swing beat

Ray Russell
Luxury Living 3:06

Smooth 60s apartment. Sneaky

Ray Russell
Music For Pleasure 2:37

Cool, easy listening

Ray Russell
Fancy Free 2:04

Funky groove, guitar lead 

Ray Russell
Speedy Boarding 2:14

Optimistic up tempo swing

Ralph Salmins