Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Rey Del Mundo 1:46

Spirited upbeat mambo with brass section and scorching trumpet solo. Feeling king of the world at carnival time with all the colourful revellers and dancers out in the streets. 87.5bpm

Ray Russell
Rey Del Mundo underscore 1:13

Spirited upbeat mambo underscore with brass section and varied percussion. Feeling king of the world wandering through the streets at carnival time watching the revellers and dancers. 87.5bpm

Ray Russell
San Telmo Tango 1:00

Enigmatic tango fronted by trumpet melody and sultry piano. The cool set, dressed up to the nines, hit the milonga clubs to take part in Buenos Aires’ iconic dance form. 63.5bpm

Graham Preskett
Latin Breeze 0:59

Cool and relaxed latin groove that gradually builds throughout. Chilling in a 50s vintage Cadillac with the top down, the wind in your hair and the radio on. 76.5bpm

Graham Preskett