Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Dancing In The Rain 0:59

Latin flavoured pop track with brass melody and driving rhythm. A group of friends celebrate the beginning of summer by letting their hair down and living the life. 90bpm

Graham Preskett
Move Like This 0:59

Sensual brass riffs over shuffling latin rhythm section. Dancing close on a warm summer evening under the swaying palms on a beautiful Caribbean beach. 90bpm

Graham Preskett
Move Like This V2 0:59

Sensual brass riffs over shuffling latin rhythm section. Faster version. Dancing close on a warm summer evening under the swaying palms on a beautiful Caribbean beach. 92bpm

Graham Preskett
Chiquita Juanita 1:38

Easy going mambo with sax riff and brass section, with a a piano break. Cheeky but tender and heartfelt paean to his best girl who could be his little princess or the love of his life. 87.5bpm

Graham Preskett
Rey Del Mundo 1:46

Spirited upbeat mambo with brass section and scorching trumpet solo. Feeling king of the world at carnival time with all the colourful revellers and dancers out in the streets. 87.5bpm

Ray Russell
El Malecon 1:00

Bouncy latin percussion with brass section and accordion theme. Evenings at the waterfront malecon where everyone comes to see and be seen either in their classic cars or their fancy clothes. 121bpm

Graham Preskett
Latin Breeze 0:59

Cool and relaxed latin groove that gradually builds throughout. Chilling in a 50s vintage Cadillac with the top down, the wind in your hair and the radio on. 76.5bpm

Graham Preskett
Extraordinary Christmas 1:41

Kids accompany a cheeky chappy in a yuletide greetings sing-along. Best wishes for the best Christmas ever and that all your dreams come true. 108bpm

Bob Saker, Brian Dee
May This Be A Christmas To Remember 2:14

Pretty contemporary Christmas song with a female lead vocal. Wishing for a very happy first Christmas together with memories to share during many more in the future. 78bpm

Bob Saker, Brian Dee
Christmas Just For Two 3:10

Smooth easygoing song with a guy romantically enticing his girl. Looking forward to the moment when it's just the two of you all alone at Christmas. 106bpm

Bob Saker, Brian Dee
In Our Christmas Just For Two 1:45

Romantic love song with male vocal, grand piano and a little sparkle. At the end of Christmas day it's time to share some special time alone together. 90bpm

Bob Saker, Brian Dee
Guitar Man 2:25

Sixties pop featuring twangy guitar with echo. Atmospheric rock'n roll. Lurking in the shadows feeling the nervous thrill of anticipation.

Clem Cattini, Ray Russell
Rosewood 2:23

Pretty melodic pop. With a twang.

Steve Donnelly
Double Whammy 2:36

Skiffle. Twang and echo.

Steve Donnelly
Nuts 2:08

Playful, energetic, ska groove.

Lester Salmins
Critical Mass 2:10

Urban beats. Spacey textures.

Lester Salmins
Freshly Ground 2:07

Slinky R&B scratching.

Lester Salmins
Lost Highway 4:05

Road trip. Laid back groove.

Jim Watson
Rainbow Morning 3:34

Gentle, beautiful. Wistful guitar.

Mo Foster, Ray Russell
Further Along 2:16

Happy swing/shuffle.

Steve Donnelly
First Touch 2:39

Simple beauty.

Steve Donnelly
Home Cooked 2:28

Contented. Laid back strumming and picking.

Steve Donnelly
A Really Good Time 2:20

Easy, whimsical

Ray Russell
Do It Again 3:42

Cheeky swing beat

Ray Russell
On The Up 2:30

Energetic boogie piano

Ray Russell
Villa Loca 2:00

Bright rhythmic fun. Latin party.

Ray Russell
By Design 3:31

Insistent back beat. Building guitar lines. Positive ending

George Baldwin
Luxury Living 3:06

Smooth 60s apartment. Sneaky

Ray Russell
Music For Pleasure 2:37

Cool, easy listening

Ray Russell
Fancy Free 2:04

Funky groove, guitar lead 

Ray Russell
Rich Flips 1:50

Drum feature, up tempo, energetic

Ralph Salmins
Speedy Boarding 2:14

Optimistic up tempo swing

Ralph Salmins