Alan D. Boyd

Alan was raised in Edmonton, Canada where he first became involved in music through the local rock scene. He moved to Montreal, Santa Cruz and Vancouver to play in various bands and study production at music colleges. His time in Montreal saw him as part of iconic Canadian garage rock band The Gruesomes.

After spending the first part on the 1990’s in Vancouver working between music and video production Alan decided to take advantage of his British citizenship and relocate to London in 1994 and work in the music and film industry there.

Spending the next few year on the road as a front of house sound engineer and working as a location sound recordist on set, director Nicholas Copus asked Alan to compose for various projects he we involved in. The most prominent of which would be the 2009 BBC1 production of John Wyndham's classic sci-fi horror Day of the Triffids for which Alan was nominated for a Bulldog Award in the best music category by Televisual Magazine.

In 2015 Alan composed for the BBC on it’s acclaimed television programme Surviving the Holocaust: Freddie Knollers War directed by Simon Winchcombe. Alan is also composing production music for a variety of libraries with distribution around the world as well as writing for advertising and other media.

He has produced music for campaigns by Nike, Playstation, C4, the BBC and the NFB of Canada’s feature documentary Carts of Darkness by Canadian filmmaker Murray Siple. Besides the paid commissions Alan is passionate about working with new directors on short films, most recently Shinner by Nottingham based filmmaker David Lilley.

Alan continues to write and produce with artists as well as performing live and lecturing at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford on Working for Features to the media composition students. 

Surviving the Holocaust: Freddie Knoller’s War (2015 Television Documentary)

Director: Simon Winchcombe, Producer: - BBC

Shinner (Short Film 2014)

Directory: David Lilley, Producer: Beth Smith -

How Safe are our Skies? Detroit Flight 253 (UK)
The Underwear Bomber. Detroit Plane Plot (USA/CANADA) (2010 Television Documentary)

Executive Producers: Ali Turner & Tom Brisley - Darlow Smithson for BBC/Discovery

The Wailing Well (Short Film 2010) Director/Producer: David Lilley - Loonatik & Drinks

Day of the Triffids (2009 Television Drama)

Best Music Nomination - Televisual Bulldog Awards 2010

Director: Nicholas Copus, Producer: Stephen Smallwood - Power Corp/Prodigy Picture for

Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash (2009 Television Documentary):

Director: Marc Tiley. Producer: Charlotte Surtees - Darlow Smithson

True Tales of Terror (2008):

Producer/Director: Nicholas Copus - Darlow Smithson for Discovery US Carts of Darkness (2008 Documentary Feature):

Director: Murray Siple . Producer: Tracey Friesen - National Film Board of Canada

Alive/I Shouldn't Be Alive (2006 Television Series):
Director: Various, Series Producer: Dan Gold - Darlow Smithson for C4/Discovery US


ICELAND: I’m a Celebrity Idents

Music Supervisor: Studio 32

the BBC

NIKE Japan: Write the Future 

Music Supervisors: Felt Music

Playstation: Move

Music Supervisors: Felt Music 

Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
I Know You Feel Love 4:37

Guitar led pop rock song with atmospheric female vocal. A tender love song from a girl to her lover, together now and forever. 85bpm

Alan D. Boyd
All I Need 3:01

Dreamy eighties style love song with sexy female vocal. Yearning and intimate tribute to love as an experience above all others. 95bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Three Wishes 3:48

Jagged guitars, eighties synths and a brooding female vocal. A girl asking for those three wishes to be used on winning her love. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lovers Cruel 3:19

Eighties feel song with guitars, keyboards and female vocals. The ups and downs of loves lost and found, heartache and salvation. 140bpm

Alan D. Boyd
When I Turn Out The Lights 3:24

Smouldering intimate female vocal over eighties influenced pop backing. Confessing to a secret love whilst alone at night in the dark. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
The Last Time 3:52

Eighties 'punk reggae' pop song with female vocal. A girl challenges her boy about his cheating and calls an end to their relationship. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Who's That Calling 3:40

Distorted guitars, keys and drums with pounding bass and female vocal. Head over heels in love with a boy who just doesn't notice. 135bpm

Alan D. Boyd
We Can Dance 2:38

Fast eighties song with a post punk feel and female vocal. It's all about dancing through the night to loud music and flashing lights. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
The Seasons Closing In 2:34

Pop song with urgent female vocal and a West Coast influence. A claustrophobic feeling in the air and a need to get back to you. 160bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Your Mother Warned You 3:17

Urgent female sung pop song featuring eighties keyboard sounds. A vamp on the loose out to win and break a boy's heart. 155bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lighting Strikes 3:17

Cute love song with female vocal and eighties electric organ. A story of young love as eyes meet across the school yard. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
I Saw it Coming 2:30

Bouncy pop with female vocals, high energy guitar and keyboards. A young challenging her boyfriend to tell her he didn't lie. 165bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Another Step 4:30

Eighties pop with steady chugging guitar and female vocal. Girl meets boy; relationships are complicated; it's not you it's me. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
I Know You Feel Love - instrumental 4:37

Easy going mid tempo indie rock guitar groove. A great bed for a piece of investigative journalism or a drive through city streets. 85bpm

Alan D. Boyd
All I Need - instrumental 3:00

Bubbling laid back guitar rock backing track. A slow and dreamy day, good for kicking off down to hang out with the guys. 95bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lies - instrumental 4:04

Driving hard edged rock with jagged guitar. Fast moving adrenaline fuelled extreme sport action adventure underscore. 140bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Three Wishes - instrumental 3:48

Big drums, guitar and synth eighties pop track. A mixture of surreptitiously slinky, curiously mysterious, and the East! 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lovers Cruel - instrumental 3:20

Happy melodic underscore with great energy. Driving guitar pop to accompany a journey of fun, freedom and adventure. 140bpm

Alan D. Boyd
When I Turn Out The Lights - instrumental 3:23

Pop rock with bass led verses and jangling guitar chorus. Searching, exploring, looking for, but unsure of, the answers. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd
The Last Time - instrumental 3:52

Eighties punk reggae pop rock track. Exploring the city streets at night looking for where the action is going down. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Who's That Calling - instrumental 3:40

Upbeat eighties synth pop with distorted drums and fuzz. Fast and fun. Full of energy and out in search of a good time. 135bpm

Alan D. Boyd
We Can Dance - instrumental 2:38

Fast eighties track with an energetic post punk feel. Wild dancing through the night to loud music and flashing lights. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
The Seasons Closing In - instrumental 2:34

Pop rock with strumming guitars and a West Coast influence. Driving down Highway 1 with wind blowing through your hair. 160bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Your Mother Warned You - instrumental 3:16

Fast moving pop rock with driving guitars and electric organ. A high speed ride across town in a race against time. 155bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Lighting Strikes - instrumental 3:17

Fun and bright pop with upbeat electric organ. At the funfair running from ride to ride enjoying the flashing lights and loud pop music. 150bpm

Alan D. Boyd
I Saw it Coming - instrumental 2:31

Drum intro followed by high energy guitar and keyboards. Wound up like a spring, excited and ready to go for it. 165bpm

Alan D. Boyd
Another Step - instrumental 4:28

Classic steady eighties pulsing rhythmic guitar, bass and drums. Calm, cool and confident. Moving forward with positivity. 120bpm

Alan D. Boyd