Title Track Length Description Composers Controls
Actionable Intelligence 2:16

Brooding low strings and a soft bell tolls until punctuated with heavy drums conveying a serious and apprehensive atmosphere. A time to act on information received. Serious revelations. 96bpm

Jonathan Atkinson
Free To Fly 2:27

Light, carefree open skies with a sense of effortless optimism and graceful contentment. A time to leave the nest and spread your wings with the love and support of your family and friends. 80bpm

Adam Bulley, Martin Taylor
Country Files 1:05

Light, gentle themes with a sense of carefree contentment and delight. People from the community meet and pass the time of day. 146bpm

Ray Russell
Country Files v2 0:55

Busy, insistent patterns give a sense of momentum and activity. People from the community meet and pass the time of day before hurrying on their way. 160bpm

Ray Russell
Country Files v3 1:32

Slow, leisurely strings and delicate oboe create a soft and gentle backdrop of peace and pastoral harmony. 60bpm

Ray Russell
Coastwatch 2:23

Heartfelt, optimistic piano and oboe melodies broaden to depict the beauty and splendor where land and oceans meet. 70bpm

Ray Russell
Country Ways 1:06

Thoughtful, light weaving counter melodies compliment and combine to give a sense of convivial country matters. 160bpm

Ray Russell
Pennine Way 0:58

Gentle but insistent strings patterns give a sense of travel and carefree liberation. Explore the beautiful landscape and 'off we go'! 118bpm

Ray Russell
Sweet Summer Meadows 2:29

Simple melodies depict the peace and allure of a summers day in the heart of the countryside. A chilled moment surrounded by nature. 85bpm

Andy Findon
A Sunday Gathering 1:59

Simple, thoughtful melodies played earnestly and purposefully befitting the day as the parishioners come together and intermingle.  78bpm

Andy Findon
Bright And Early 0:54

Lively and bustling patterns provide a feeling of anticipation as nature and communities stir and awaken. 100bpm

Ray Russell
Bright And Early underscore 1:52

Lively and bustling cyclic patterns and motifs broaden to provide a feeling of anticipation as nature and communities stir and awaken. 100bpm

Ray Russell
Cream Teas 1:05

Positive, uplifting acoustic guitar and piano melodies give a sense of optimistic carefree delight. Busy in a country kitchen. 186bpm

Simon Chamberlain
Spring Watch 1:02

Building string and flute motifs interpret the excitement and anticipation of nature and new life cycles. Swifts on the wing and lambs in the field. 80bpm

Ray Russell
A Maiden Fair 0:56

Upbeat, insistent light string motif with playful melodies from Flutes and Oboe depict an optimistic scene of joy and frolics. 128bpm

Ray Russell
Long Summer Days 0:58

Easy and carefree themes with light melodies provide a sense of openness and feelgood optimism. Families relax and enjoy the fresh air. 192bpm

Ray Russell
Long Summer Days v2 1:58

Slow, expansive string and oboe themes portray a sense of tranquility and optimism. Calm and peaceful as the summer evening fades. 71.5bpm

Ray Russell
Malvern Spring 2:01

Easygoing mandolin and violin melody with upbeat pizzicato rhythm. A bright optimistic view of life on a bright optimistic morning. 75bpm

Mo Foster
Fantail 1:46

Peaceful and airy with a delicate mandolin melody. Bright early morning with the sun casting long shadows and birds playing on the breeze. 70bpm

Mo Foster
Sheep May Safely Graze (J S Bach) 3:57

Genteel penny whistle melody over refined, meandering baroque flutes and bassoon. A scene of bucolic beauty with contented cows and sheep grazing in green pastures. 59bpm

Andy Findon
Vltava from Ma Vlast (Smetana) 2:21

Rolling flutes leading to a sweeping theme of the Bohemian countryside. Crisp frost tinged Autumn leaves sent flying in swirling spirals by the breeze. 76bpm

Andy Findon
Berceuse from The Dolly Suite (Faure) 2:28

Genteel flute melody with rolling motif back ground. Toy like theme. A happy family day driving out to the country away from the hustle and bustle. 70bpm

Andy Findon
Minuet in g major (J S Bach) 1:38

Charming, sweet, 3/4 melody on penny whistle. Simplistic bass part. A fresh new day with the birds singing in the trees and the sun streaming into the house. 120bpm

Andy Findon
Cantata 140 (J S Bach) 4:19

Delicate, elegant meandering flute line with dignified low whistle melody joining halfway. A tranquil afternoon lazing in the long grass enjoying the sun's warmth. 70bpm

Andy Findon
Allemande from Partita (J S Bach) 2:51

Declamatory unaccompanied flute, constant movement, flowing musical phrases throughout. Shy and insecure, keeping just out of sight and unsure whether to come out. 70bpm

Andy Findon
Corrente from Partita (J S Bach) 3:00

Lively, bouncy unaccompanied flute dance, with florid passages. Varied throughout. Quickly picking a way along a twisting woodland path with light-footed agility. 110bpm

Andy Findon
Pavane Opus 50 (Faure) 2:30

Faure's gentle Pavane performed by a delicate flute choir. Calming and reverent, luxurious texture. Soft sunlight casting long shadows across a field of gently rippling grass. 70bpm

Andy Findon
The Banks Of Green Willow (Butterworth) 1:58

Butterworth's version of this folk melody featuring two serene intertwining flutes. A single bird playing on the wind is joined by a second to join in the aerial dance. 75bpm

Andy Findon
Carmen Interlude No 3 (Bizet) 2:02

The lyrical melody from Carmen played on solo flute and clarinet, with a gentle orchestral backing. Mellow and calming. Laying on the grass making daisy chains and blowing dandelion puffs. 65bpm

Andy Findon
Carmen Interlude No 3 (Bizet) V2 2:02

The lyrical melody from Carmen played on solo folk whistle, with a gentle orchestral backing. Placid, rustic and calming.   Birds high in the sky swooping and swirling in the warm evening breeze. 65bpm

Andy Findon
The Swan from Carnival Of The Animals (Saint-Saens) 2:24

Flowing bass flute line under a haunting melodic solo flute piece from The Carnival Of The Animals. Swirling eddies sweeping up all sorts and sending them spinning in a merry dance. 75bpm

Andy Findon
To A Wild Rose Opus 51 No 1 (Macdowell) 2:12

Simple understated melody played by a flute chorale. Youthful love tune. Warm carefree days shared at the end of a beautiful summer that will long be remembered. 80bpm

Andy Findon